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Holly and Nick Zupec

are real estate investors in southwest Michigan. They currently have a portfolio of 4 single-family long-term rentals and an 8-unit apartment building. They started out focusing on long-term rentals but are converting a number of the units to furnished midterm rentals. They are also interested in expanding into commercial/mixed use. Holly and Nick started a real estate investing and acquisition company in 2020 and a property management company in 2021. 


We strive to create beautifully designed and high quality properties that anyone would love to call home
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Our Team

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Holly Zupec

Holly is the lead designer for the majority of our projects, but she also isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. In fact, she is the one you want around on demo day! She also takes on most of the project management tasks and coordination of trades. Holly sets up many of the systems and processes for the businesses. She is very detail oriented, but also excels at seeing the big picture and setting the vision for the future. She is the go-getter and risk taker that likes to push the boundaries and dream big.

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Nick Zupec

Nick leads many of the renovation projects and property maintenance. He will tell you that he is always learning new skills and Holly will tell you that he is always buying new tools! Nick also takes on a large role with the business finances, budgets, and analytics. He handles many of the tenant facing property management tasks. Nick is more cautious and measured so he and Holly balance each other perfectly. He takes the larger vision and breaks it down into goals and action plans.

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Lily Zupec

Lily is the newest member of the team and currently serves as the CCO (Chief Cuteness Officer). She always keeps things light at the job site and always brings a smile to a tenants face. Lily's skills include sleeping through loud construction noise and eating her body weight in chocolate donuts.

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